With the launch of our updated sales portal, we’re inviting more people to the party! When we first launched BuyerDeck we were all about closing sales deals. We knew that sales people were crying out for a sales enablement tool that allowed them to share sales and marketing content with their buyers; and most importantly monitor the engagement so they can better control the sales cycle.

We’re still all about sales but we realised that there were a bunch of people who hadn’t been invited to the party and would really like to come. Yes, Marketing and enablement teams!

We were providing sales teams with a great place to manage content, without inviting the content creators to the party.

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The Content Void

The reality is most companies have no idea how their sales teams use content. Marketing create content for them, share it, point out the benefits of using it, and then cross their fingers and hope that it’s successful.

This content void is well documented. Sales complain that they haven’t got the content, the right content, or can’t find it; Marketing complain that they create content that doesn’t get used, that sales don’t tell them what they need or feedback how successful content assets are.

The way content has historically been stored and shared meant there was no easy or obvious way for people to control or track the usage and ROI of content sent by their teams…so it’s been ignored.

The BuyerDeck Content Repository

Instead of emailing content to sales teams who then download and save it locally, or storing content in a shared file for sales people to root through, wouldn’t it be great to have a content repository that allows Marketing to manage and track the usage of their content?

A content repository that can be centrally managed, notifies sales teams when new content is available, features intelligent content tagging for easy content discovery, and most importantly measures how content is performing.

Just think about all the arguments between Sales and Marketing this would solve…

  • You never sent us that content!
  • You never use the content!
  • I can’t find anything in this folder!
  • You’re using out-of-date content!
  • This content isn’t what our buyers need!
  • You never tell us what you need!
  • We need more content!
  • Tell us what content is engaging end users and we’ll create it!

Come To The BuyerDeck Content Party

Our first version of BuyerDeck had a content repository but it was a little feature light. From our conversations with customers and marketing people we realised that BuyerDeck had fantastic potential to create exactly what both Sales and Marketing want; and stop those arguments.

So the team have been very busy developing version 2.0 to include all the features that are in such high demand. Now you can:

  1. Centrally manage all content
  2. Upload multiple files
  3. Ensure that only up-to-date content is available
  4. Intelligently tag all content for simple discovery
  5. Equip your sales teams with access to all content
  6. Notify sales people that new content is available
  7. See what content sales teams are using (or not)
  8. Measure user engagement with data analytics

Sales people. We know that many of you are very attached to your BuyerDeck sales portal, and might be tempted to keep it all to yourself. Maybe you’re thinking that you don’t really want Marketing to join the party. Won’t they just mess everything up?

Not so. Firstly they’ll sort out all your content for you, make sure it’s all in the right place, easy to find and up-to-date.

Secondly, they’re going to be able to see how well content performs, and with this information they will be able to focus on creating better content that works.

Thirdly, they’re going to get a much clearer idea of the sales process and how content fits into it. They’ll also have a more vested interest in the sales deal, and be able to measure their success on closed deals, not just generating leads.

Sounds like a good idea?

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