Increase Sales Effectiveness through Content Management Software


Speedy sharing

Share a collection of content with your customers in seconds. Find, select and share. Simple as that.

Always up-to-date, always available

One content repository, with everything you need. Your latest company content, alongside your personally created items. Available whenever you need for sharing, viewing, or downloading.

Track what gets viewed

Gauge the interest of a deal over the duration. See what stakeholders are viewing, who’s interested in what, and what content gets shared. Never be in the dark about buyer engagement again.

Create a journey through content

Educate, inform and inspire your customers to choose you. Drip feed valuable and informative content throughout the process to all stakeholders. Keep moving them towards closing.

Be better than your competition

Do you do the same things, act the same way, provide the same experience as your competitors? Is it about time you changed that? Our tool can help you differentiate this experience and wow your customers. Don’t be just another option. Be the option.

Track who see's your content

Gone are the days of not knowing who has viewed your content and for how long. Every view, every second spent viewing your latest spec sheet or case study – even your contract – is tracked and visible to you instantly.

sales enablement software
sales enablement tools

Personalize your Buyer's experience

With very little time investment Sales people can deliver a customised content portal for your buyers to engage with and share among their stakeholders. This dedicated content page is unique and private to that opportunity and a far better user experience than receiving bulky attachments that get lost in long email threads.

Access new Stakeholders

As you kick off communication with your opportunity it’s always a struggle to map out and access the stakeholder landscape on the buying side. With your content portal acting as the central hub for all involved in the deal, your initial contact can share and distribute the dedicated page to their peers and decision makers. Every new contact you access will also be synced to your Salesforce and created as a new contact within the account!

customer engagement
content sharing

Finding and using the right Content is easier than ever before

As content has become a bigger part of Sales and Marketing, it’s quite a job to manage it. A central content repository ensures that all sales and marketing content is in one place, accessible by all team members, up-to-date and just begging to get shared with customers!

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