Content Analytics for Marketers and Sales Reps


Provide Sales with the content they need

Upload new and updated content to a central content repository that sales teams can access with just a click. No more content stored in shared folders or on desktops. Keep it all in one place.

Make it really easy to find

Tagging, filtering and search functions allow sales reps to find the content they need intuitively. No more excuses that content can’t be found. No more content going to waste.

Measure the success of your content

See what content Sales share with their prospects, see what customers engage with. Use the metrics to inform your content strategy, refine your existing content, and create better content in the future.

Spot content opportunities

With better visibility on the sales process, marketing teams can spot opportunities to create content that customers want, and to address friction points along the way.

Be better than your competition

Do you do the same things, act the same way, provide the same experience as your competitors? Is it about time you changed that? Our tool can help you differentiate this experience and wow your customers. Don’t be just another option. Be the option.

Provide Content for every occasion

Tag all of your content on upload to give Sales frictionless content discovery. Use anything from SalesForce Stages to Buyer personas for your Tag categories, to make sure the right content is used at the right time.

Content Repository

Give Sales the access they crave

We’ll align the teams so they’ve got a one-stop shop for all of the content they’ll ever need. With the ability to search, sort and filter by tags, they’ll be able to really find the pieces they need instantly. Hours of Sales productivity saved. On top of that, we make your job easier by giving you the easiest way to distribute your content and get it seen by the sales team.

Find out which content is successful

We aggregate all of the analytics for a single item of content. You can check exactly which pieces of content are being shared by Sales, are getting read by prospects, and for how long. Finally a way of measuring how much impact your marketing content is having on the sales funnel.

Advanced Content Tagging

Regain content and brand control

With the team sharing from the central content repository, you can update your content and make sure prospects and opportunities only see the latest version. Out of date content can become a thing of the past. Changed your logo? No worries, push an update and hundreds of portals will be updated instantly.

Want to give it a try?

We’d love to learn more about your Sales and Marketing setup and how our product can help you improve.