We don’t want to be accused of ‘blowing our own trumpet’, but why else do companies collect testimonials and reviews?

Here at BuyerDeck we are constantly tweaking, refining and modifying our product to ensure that it meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients. Reviews are an important tool for doing so; the feedback from people that are actually using the product is invaluable.

However, it is also great to be able to share our clients’ comments. It gives the team a warm fuzzy feeling and we believe client reviews also provide helpful content for prospects and leads.

We’ve divided the feedback we’ve received into the following categories:

  • The Business Case For BuyerDeck
  • BuyerDeck’s Best Features
  • Feedback
  • Would Our Clients Recommend BuyerDeck?

Have a look and see what people are saying about BuyerDeck.

The Business Case For BuyerDeck

We wanted to know what our clients are using BuyerDeck for, what business problem it solves for them and the benefits of using our product. This is what they said:

“Qualifying more effectively, sharing information in a central location [no more email attachments], being able to validate what content is relevant to customers.” Cole O’Shaughnessy — GoodData

“I want to give every customer my best however with only 24 hours in a day there has to be a degree of prioritisation as well as trade offs on the degree of follow up work undertaken. BuyerDeck helps me prioritise leads and saves time and resources.” Chris Mortimer — Rackspace

buyerdeck testimonials

“BuyerDeck is a great portal to share business related content. The client can look at our product information at a time that is convenient for them, take time to digest it and then make an informed decision.” Mark Shirley — RBI

“BuyerDeck cuts down admin time, helps drive more efficient external and internal collaboration on new proposals, tracks deal progress and allows you to forecast more accurately. It’s a more dynamic and engaging way to send quotes rather than old school emails.” Winnie Amoaku — Senior Account Manager — XpertHR

“A fantastic way to collaborate with customers in the modern world of B2B sales. This tool gives more insight and control over deals than anything else I’ve seen. It makes it easier to engage multiple stakeholders and my prospects / clients have commented on how well organised and professional it looks. A must have in your sales toolkit if you are selling complex or higher order value solutions.” Matt Mckeever — Key Account Manager — RBI

BuyerDeck’s Best Features

We believe that BuyerDeck’s content repository, sales timeline, analytics and collaborative environment are some of our best features, but what do clients say?

“Working in sales one of the hardest part of my job is managing my time, it’s a combination of being as efficient and effective as possible. BuyerDeck helps you addresses this by setting up an online portal for each project being worked with the inclusion of the team you have put together on their behalf.

buyerdeck testimonials

The great thing is the more you use it the better it gets as you end up spending less time on standardised work such as document collating and more on personal content that adds value to your customer and helps you stand out from the crowd.

They have control over who else they involve in the project and can comment directly on documents rather than having multiple email chains and PDF datasheets.

Over the last year of use the product has gone from strength to strength…” Chris Mortimer — Rackspace

“1. Central repository of content, ideally updated by your company’s admin so that all of the content, webinar links, whitepapers, etc. are the latest and greatest…no more fording through garbage on Box or your hard drive to find what should be shared

2. Passive type communication with Buyers — you can add/comment/change content on the fly and then see if the prospect is consuming it — prospects are busy enough and prefer to learn on their own time so this gives a good “pulse” of the progress of deals while being minimally invasive

3. Inviting team members to collaborate — one place where all people from execs, engineering, sales, and marketing can go to both view and contribute to the communications in a deal

4. Timeline function — this is a great tool when qualifying as well as keeping both sides of a transaction honest; the timeline assigns specific things to each party to keep a deal moving in the necessary pace and keep from…” Cole O’Shaughnessy — GoodData

“I have been using BuyerDeck since Q4 of last year and it has greatly improved the overall buying experience for the prospects that I work with. BuyerDeck provides a single pane of glass for prospective customers to interact and allows me to direct them through the buying process. More often than not prospects comment on how BuyerDeck has differentiated us from the competition and made the exchange of information pleasant and seamless for their team. I would recommend BuyerDeck for any sales organisation looking to stand out and improve the buying process for their customers.” Mark Williams — FireHost

“I have been using BuyerDeck to manage and share content with business mentors and potential investors and I have found it extremely useful. It provides many innovative features that you can’t find on other similar platforms, which add values to both parties. I am personally amazed by the possibility of seeing the amount of time that people spend reading your content and even on which slides/page they focus on and which ones they skip!” Francesca Filice — Entocycle


We welcome constructive feedback! Why? With feedback we can put things right and improve our service and product. So here’s some of the feedback we’ve received, and what we’re doing about it.

“Not much really [what do you dislike?] I have been using this software since it was in pre-beta stage and it’s incredible to see how much progress they have made. Gerald and his team are very open to suggestions and they are constantly asking customers how to improve the experience. One thing that could help is when pulling contacts from Salesforce into the BuyerDeck record if the user was able to select specific contacts — we have a lot of garbage in our CRM that pulls over sometimes but that is the only thing I would change.” Cole O’Shaughnessy — GoodData

BuyerDeck: This is on our ‘to do’ list and very soon we will implement an improved flow to allow people to just select the contacts that they need from the Salesforce , thereby removing unnecessary contacts.

“Nothing to declare here as the product works very well indeed.” Chris Mortimer — Rackspace

BuyerDeck: Thanks Chris but if you do think of any features you would like to see in future, please let us know.

“I have no dissatisfaction with the product. It would be nice for there to be more bidirectional capability for content upload and chat features to increase prospect engagement.” Mark Williams — FireHost

BuyerDeck: Following Mark’s early feedback we have implemented full two-way sharing and collaboration. Buyers can now upload content to share with you, have live chats, and comment on any piece of content at any time.

Would Our Clients Recommend BuyerDeck?

Salespeople all understand the importance of word of mouth recommendations and referrals. So would our clients recommend BuyerDeck?

“Wow — has to be seen to be believed. Must use! — A great project management tool for both you and your prospect/customer.” Chris Mortimer — Rackspace

“Great Prospect Engagement Solution” Mark Williams — FireHost

“Impressive Product & Engaging Team” Matt Mckeever — Key Account Manager — RBI

buyerdeck testimonials

“Try it out — have not seen something like this before and it really gives a great view into prospect engagement.” Cole O’Shaughnessy — GoodData

BuyerDeck helps sales teams deliver a buyer-centric sales experience.

With BuyerDeck sales teams can collate all relevant content, sales timelines and other information their buyers need in one place; creating a collaborative space for buyers and other key decision makers.

With real time analytics sales teams can monitor engagement and be truly responsive, enabling them to follow up in a timely, relevant and personalised way.

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