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BuyerDeck brings everyone and everything about the deal together in one place. Wow your Buyer by creating a buyer portal for every deal!

Why BuyerDeck?

Sales reps can capture and share relevant information in BuyerDeck, presenting all the key content to the buyers in one place where both parties can comment and contribute.

It builds trust with buyers, provides key analytics which help the sales rep prioritise the buyers they should focus on, and most importantly, makes the sales process remarkable for all parties.

What is a BuyerDeck?

A beautiful buyer portal for your deal! Engage your buyer by organising all sales and marketing content in a single place.

Streamline the buying process by bringing buyer and seller teams together to collaborate, share, and comment on content transparently.

Tom Scanlan, Sales Director at GoodData

BuyerDeck allows us to completely differentiate our proposition and create a remarkable buying experience. I love this platform.

Tom Scanlan,
Sales Director at GoodData

Example BuyerDeck

Sales intelligence

BuyerDeck’s analytics provide real time information on buyer activity.

Determine exactly who is involved on the buyer team, and what they’re viewing at any given time.

James Batup, Head Of Comercial Sales at Rackspace

BuyerDeck analytics lets me understand what each stakeholder cares about and which deals are going to close.

James Batup,
Head Of Commercial Sales at Rackspace

BuyerDeck Analytics

Sales enablement and CRM integration

BuyerDeck allows sales teams to focus on the most engaged Deals, increasing their productivity by helping them recognise which buyers are ready to buy and which deals are slipping away.

A high level overview of the deal equips all client-facing employees with the ability to have valuable conversations with the right set of buyer stakeholders at each stage of process.

Tom Strachan, Regional Vice President at GoodData

Finally a tool that my sales team will actually use. It’s a simple and beautiful way to capture sales insights.

Tom Strachan,
Regional Vice President at GoodData

Buyerdeck Overview

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