A better way to share sales material and proposals

We make B2B sales reps more productive by allowing them to track the level of engagement from each buyer and create a better buying experience.

Why BuyerDeck?

BuyerDeck is a collaborative space for buyers and sellers to interact. Deliver a remarkable buying experience by centralizing all of your sales content and conversation onto our social and transparent sales platform

Example BuyerDeck

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Partner and channel selling:
keep all stakeholders(sellers, buyers and partners) on the same page by capturing all sales collateral in one place.


Sharing proposals and closing deals: share proposals, contracts and all commercial information for differentiation through a better buying experience.


Deal management:
qualifying buyers and managing Deals made easy and transparent whilst delivering a great experience for buyers.



Our analytics not only tell you which buyers are viewing what content, but also how many seconds they’ve spent on each page.


Create unlimited BuyerDeck templates for specific buyers with pre baked targeted content and messaging.


BuyerDeck integrations include Salesforce, Join.me, Gmail, and LinkedIn.


Bring all the buying and selling stakeholders together in one place to collaborate.

Proposal builder

Cut out a step and create documents and simple pricing tables from directly within BuyerDeck.

Content Management

We automatically discover all the company content within 30days of a company adopting BuyerDeck. No need to manage content. Sales reps can access all content within context.

Happy Customers

Thousands of happy companies buying and selling on BuyerDeck

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