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Product Value

We connect Salesforce opportunities with a pre-made portal for every buyer


Differentiate your company with an incredible buyer journey

Every buyer is invited into their own portal, specifically designed for them. They can browse relevant content, communicate with the sales team, and invite other colleagues into the portal. Throughout the entire decision making process, everything the buyer needs will be contained in one place.


One tool for Sales & Marketing Enablement

Sales has a unique buyer portal for every deal in their pipeline where they can communicate with prospects and access new stakeholders. Relevant content for each deal is automatically pulled into the portal to engage buyers.

Marketing can see how Sales utilizes their content and how buyers engage with it. In depth analytics give insights into what buyers spend most of their time reviewing, and what gets skimmed over.


Your sales process and buyer journey in one place

BuyerDeck captures analytics on how engaged buyers are and what content is most engaging. Sales gains greater ability to forecast deals with more insights into buyer activity and engagement.


Onboard new sales reps faster

With one tool containing the structure of the sales process and all of the relevant marketing content, reps have everything at their fingertips from day one. Ramping up has never been easier.

Happy Customers

BuyerDeck is a great platform for my reps to make sure they are following the critical steps in the GoodData Sales Process. It also allows us to bring our prospects closer to us by allowing effective communications through numerous visuals to help both GoodData and our prospect understand the steps to partner. It helps set us apart in the marketplace.

Bill Lapp,
VP Sales Engineering and Enablement at GoodData

Fantastic product. Bringing visibilty into the buyer’s process, access to above the line C-level buyers that you might never engage with, seeing what information is working, what's not, and most importantly, closing more business, closing better deals, and creating happier customers.

Mike Shaughnessy,
Sr. Director, Acquisition Sales at Armor

A breakthrough platform for Sales that aligns the seller with the buyer using social technology. It has allowed my teams at two companies now to increase our win rate, get more influencers and decision makers to the opportunity, engage partners, and get rid of email trails all while greatly improving communication and collaboration with the buyer.

Jim Hilbert,
SVP, Global Revenue and Customer Success at Aryaka

I love BuyerDeck's seamless online portal to collaborate on projects with prospects and clients. My favorite feature is the analytics they provide on how users have engaged with different materials. I feel more in control of my pipeline and I like being able to review my colleagues' business cases.

Matt Mckeever,
National Account Manager at XpertHR USA

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