Product Overview

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Content Sharing

Share marketing content, business proposals, and other documents with prospects. No need for prospects to sift through email chains looking for attachments. Everything relevant to the deal is housed in one place.

Upload and share unlimited documents and media

Create questionnaires to learn more about your buyers

Invite unlimited stakeholders to view shared content


See real-time engagement on all of your working opportunities. Get a snapshot of how much time each buyer has spent viewing documents you've shared. You get notified as soon as a buyer enters one of your projects, so you can hop right in and engage with them.

Get notified when your buyers look at anything you've shared

Track file views with insights on each stakeholder's actions

Know if opportunities are ready to buy or need to be re-engaged


Message your buyers to engage in a more social way. Live chat enables you to message buyers when they are in the platform and have a real-time conversation with them.

Send private messages to individuals

Create group messages around specific topics

Post public messages, visible for everyone involved

Salesforce Integration

Visualize your Salesforce pipeline based on buyer engagement. BuyerDeck pulls contacts from your opportunities for easy sharing. It also syncs with your Activity History so that all of your buyers' actions on the platform are automatically logged into Salesforce.

Activity is logged automatically in your CRM

Contacts sync between Salesforce and BuyerDeck

View this quarter's pipeline in a more visual way

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