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Product Value

We connect Salesforce opportunities with a pre-made portal for every buyer


Differentiate your company with an incredible buyer journey

Every buyer is invited into their own portal, specifically designed for them. They can browse relevant content, communicate with the sales team, and invite other colleagues into the portal. Throughout the entire decision making process, everything the buyer needs will be contained in one place.


One tool for Sales & Marketing Enablement

Sales has a unique buyer portal for every deal in their pipeline where they can communicate with prospects and access new stakeholders. Relevant content for each deal is automatically pulled into the portal to engage buyers.

Marketing can see how Sales utilizes their content and how buyers engage with it. In depth analytics give insights into what buyers spend most of their time reviewing, and what gets skimmed over.


Your sales process and buyer journey in one place

BuyerDeck captures analytics on how engaged buyers are and what content is most engaging. Sales gains greater ability to forecast deals with more insights into buyer activity and engagement.


Onboard new sales reps faster

With one tool containing the structure of the sales process and all of the relevant marketing content, reps have everything at their fingertips from day one. Ramping up has never been easier.