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Frontend Developer

What we are building

We are building a platform for business buyers and sellers to collaborate transparently. Salespeople choose BuyerDeck over email for real time communication, sharing content and driving buyer engagement. Think slack for buyers and sellers.

The challenge

We have a geographically divided business (London), and tech (Riga) team that is impacting our ability to innovate and grow the business. We have bootstrapped to profitability, have 25 enterprise sales customers(1700 sales users on board), 12,000 buyers, and recently won an award from the world’s largest accelerator, MassChallenge. We also have aan agreement with salesforce.com to launch a new version of our product on their platform! As a result, we are at a critical stage and need to maintain high levels of innovation on our current offering. This is proving difficult given we have a distributed team.

What you will do

As one of the first engineers in London, you will directly be involved in customer development and product strategy. You will be the point of reference for our remote engineers and will be responsible for designing and developing the customer facing aspects of our product.

The opportunity

You will be getting significant equity in a startup with solid traction prior to raising any venture investment. You have the opportunity to work on a greenfield project whilst leading a team to support our existing product in the interim. To help bridge the two teams we retreat to a new city every three months for a week.


We aren’t terribly fussed about qualifications, but you should have a natural sense for design and good UX, be completely at home with Javascript. Experience with AngularJS or similar web framework is a plus. HTML and CSS are as basic to you as reading. You will have at least 2-3 years experience in web development.

Ideally you will

Have experience working on scalable, high impact and high performing products

Be comfortable creating products using a performant, typed language such as Python, C++ or Java

Be confident and open to working with changing requirements and ambiguity. We move fast, so change should be something you enjoy

Things we use

Javascript, AngularJS, Gulp, Java, MongoDB & PostgreSQL, Cloud, Ansible, Git.

Visa sponsorship and additional information

We have a sponsorship license to sponsor you to work from our London offices if you need one. We think this is a rare opportunity for an entrepreneurial developer, since we’ve still got a small team and are a true early-stage startup, yet are on solid financial footing and have happy customers.

If you are interested in hearing more about the opportunity please reach out to us by sending your resume/CV along with examples of your past work (both launched products and a brief code sample) to team@buyerdeck.com.

Here is a short video by our engineer Andrejs talking about Buyerdeck from a developers perspective.

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