The BuyerDeck story

Sales people need a tool which allows them to both manage the deal and wow the buyer. Existing sales tools isolate the buyer and seller. What’s needed is something which can re-engage the buyer without requiring the seller to relinquish control over the sale/deal. The future is a sales process which is remarkable to both the buyer and the seller, wowing everyone involved.

BuyerDeck connects both buyer and seller teams, bringing much needed transparency to the deal and creating a buyer centric sales experience. Sales reps can capture and share relevant information in BuyerDeck, presenting all the key content to the buyers in one place where both parties can collaborate.

We believe in bringing transparency to the buyer/seller process and creating remarkable buyer centric sales experience’s.

Meet the team

Gerald Vanderpuye, Co-Founder & CEO
Gerald Vanderpuye
Co-Founder & CEO
Ilgvars Jecis, Co-Founder & CTO
Ilgvars Jecis
Co-Founder & CTO Advisor
Viesturs Meikulans, Senior Software Engineer
Viesturs Meikulans
Senior Software Engineer
Andrejs Grave, Senior Software Engineer
Andrejs Grave
Senior Software Engineer
Jurgis Stalazs, Software Engineer
Jurgis Stalazs
Software Engineer
Geoff Sankey, Financial Advisor
Geoff Sankey
Financial Advisor
Mayson OBrien, Lead Development
Mayson OBrien
Marketing and Partnerships
Adam Williams, Customer Success
Adam Williams
Customer Success
Lisa Libner, Business Development
Lisa Libner
Business Development

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Advisors & Partners

Darren Norfolk, Advisor
Darren Norfolk
Rackspace UK Managing Director

Lillian Pang, Advisor
Lillian Pang
Rackspace International Legal Director
Andy Paul, Advisor
Andy Paul
Sales Acceleration Expert | Sales Strategist | Sales Keynote Speaker
David Brock, Advisor
Jan Borgstädt
Head of European Ventures at Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments
Rob Fitzpatrick, Advisor
Rob Fitzpatrick
Author of Mom test, Cofounder of Founder centric and YC Alumni

Jermaine Edwards, Partner
Jermaine Edwards
Founder of the Customer Growth Summit and Key Customer Growth Author